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Welcome to the End of Empires wiki. This is something of an experiment, which may or may not end up being used to illuminate the world of the game End of Empires further than that thread alone can.

If you randomly stumbled onto this, I'll give you a little bit of explanation. End of Empires is sort of a cross between a game and a collaborative story, set in a world quite different than ours. There is no magic or any of that, but the nations and people are completely different, and they have a history of their own stretching back over a thousand years by now. Take a look at the thread itself to get a better explanation.

If you happen to be a player of End of Empires, feel free to create and/or edit pages in this wiki. Try not to do anything idiotic.

Personally, I'm going to fill in pages whenever it suits my fancy. This might mean it will take a while.

Cheers, North.

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