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Played by Cuivienen.

Gallat was long regarded as a “new” and “upstart” state, but is now an established power, indeed, the greatest in the north aside from its new rival, the Evyni Empire. The state trades any number of goods with nations around the Kern and Yadyevu Seas. In fact, it can be regarded as the economic powerhouse of the north, and perhaps it will become the greatest trading state of the known world as the Trilui Empire collapses to the south. It is home to one of the two great religions in the north, Maninism, and this faith dominates its policy both domestic and foreign. It overcame considerable forces to conquer its neighbor, Ferman, and despite making new enemies, its future looks brighter than ever. To the north are numerous smaller Maninist states, and to the south is Sira, creation of a long and difficult proselytizing process.

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